My farm

Der Bärwurzhof - Die Anfänge
The Bärwurzhof

The beginnings

The Bärwurzhof which was founded in the seventies of the last century specialised within short in the cultivation of medicinal plants and spice plants. In the early years the first trials to grow Bärwurz (Meum athamanticum) for a Bärwurz distillery in the Bavarian Forest were started. Formerly wild “bear roots” had been collected in the Bavarian Forest. After several decades of experience and extension of the cultivation, Bärwurz has now become a supporting pillar of our farm.

Ecology and sustainability

The careful handling of natural resources is part of our philosophy. 30 years ago, my parents already installed a solar thermal system for water heating which is still in operation. In the summer half-year, sun energy heats up a sufficient quantity of service water, whereas the heating remains switched off. Innumerable litres of fuel oil could thus be saved. In addition to savings in fossil fuels, we also strive to minimise our drinking water consumption. For many years we have been collecting rainwater which runs off the roofs in a 4000l barrel. This water is used for agricultural purposes, such as irrigation etc.

In the year 2012, part of our farm joined organic farming and since 2016 our complete farm practises organic farming. One of the main reasons for changing over to organic farming was the “different treatment” of our soil as an important production basis for agriculture.

Der Peugeot Partner Electric
Peugeot Partner Electric

The “energy turnaround” came in the years 2011 and 2017 with the investment in two photovoltaic plants which generate the predominant share of electric current for our farm. In 2017 we signed up for electric mobility by purchasing a Peugeot Partner Electric. The car is driven by electricity which is generated by our photovoltaic plants; only in the winter months the required electric current partly comes from energy suppliers. Driving without fossil fuels, without emissions, without noise and without a close look onto the fuel prices has now become possible!

Bärwurzhof in the media

Apart from various media reports, a film team from the Bavarian Television visited our farm three times to make films about the Bärwurzhof.

In 1982 the beginnings of the cultivation of medicinal plants on our farm were recorded in a document which has in the meantime reached historical value.

In 2007 and 2017 a team of “UNSER LAND” of the Bavarian Television visited our farm to make a film about the cultivation and processing of Bärwurz. Whilst in 2007 the main topic of the film was cultivation of Bärwurz for distilleries in the Bavarian Forest, the film made in 2017 focused on the use of Bärwurz for alternative medicine according to Hildegard von Bingen.